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Why there is so much talk about sustainable investments?

The future is diverse, inclusive and sustainable. And that is how the financial market should be, oriented towards an investor who increasingly thinks more about the social impact of his investments and the transparency that drive companies activity.

ESG investments, which incorporate social, environmental and governance factors, are playing a fundamental role in financial markets. Until recently, these types of assets were closely linked to private capital, but now they are much more accessible and available for investors to generate a positive social or environmental impact. And all this without having to put any capital at risk, since these assets present attractive long-term benefits. Sustainable returns are a fact and are increasingly gaining weight in the financial market.

The 2030 Agenda in which the Sustainable Development Goals were consolidated, designed to preserve natural resources for the future, have undoubtedly encouraged an increasing interest in this type of asset that respects ESG principles.

Socially Responsible Investments (SRI), a different concept than ESG but very close to it, will thus be adapted in a way of taking a step forward towards reducing the harm that certain investments may generate in the future. More and more companies want to be inside and comply with this criteria and transparency in accounts and business management are key to this purpose.

Financial companies that work hand in hand with their clients, accompanying them throughout the investment process because they take into account the risks and long-term benefits of sustainable assets, are increasingly attractive to a new investor who is committed and aware of the impact of its capital in society. An investor that considers that agreeing with the principles of the companies in which he places his trust is key, along with a transparent and trustworthy process.

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