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Search funds as an alternative for investors to reduce risk

Source: L´Echo June 14th, 2023

Marc Michiels, co founder and Novadvice´s managing partner has had a great talk with

L´Echo journal in which his investment experience and the challenges with the company, have caught the attention of the Belgian financial media.

During the conversation, the "Search Fund" model applied to private equity has been highlighted as a method that gives investors another point of view and an alternative way of investing. It is definitely time for another way of doing business and searching for the best opportunities in the market. Marc´s expertise and his wife´s Maria Pardo, co-founder of Novadvice, have led them to a family office business in which the main goal is to find people that want to invest in existing companies. Real Estate and impact investing are other investment programmes that Novadvice´s team manages, always searching for the more profitable opportunities by co-investing with their clients.

Novadvice model works as private equity but with a parachute. The process consists in searching for experienced entrepreneurs that want to have their own business and convince them to become the CEO of an existing and healthy SME following a very robust process.

"If you have great searchers and great companies to take care with geographical and sectoral diversification, you are going to reduce risk", says Marc during the conversation. The entrepreneur's profile matches the business activity so they have the needed experience and the willingness to create value for the existing company.

Read the entire interview here.

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