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Real Estate: growing areas in the USA

Source: LinkedIn March 27th, 2023

As an alternative investment boutique, we are always searching for new opportunities to ensure a stunning client experience with a social responsibility engagement. We have been looking around for the best multifamily opportunities and there are some great places in EEUU we have put an eye on


Daytona Beach

This emerging area of Florida´s coast is growing really fast. The area is emerging in leaps and bounds and it is not difficult to see new facilities like malls or health care centres that will answer to the growing population that has chosen this area to settle down. Novadvice definitely wants to be part of this, so we wanted to see it with our own eyes, and we went to check the result of one of our investments, because we believe this is the best way to confirm that we truly take the best opportunities.


In this great area of the United States we are at the finalised phase 1 of our project Atlantica. The first apartment blocks are finished and we are glad to have 36 homes already rented. The way the constructors and architects have been take care of every single detail is clearly shown in the stunning common areas, and we are happy to have contributed to give the community a nice and comfortable places to start a new stage.


In the land of the cowboys, Texas, we have seen how some areas in Alamo are growing and we wanted our piece of the cake. This project is in a very early stage and we went to check everything is starting as expected so we are informed of any issue the project might have during construction. So happy to have a look around and see everything is going well and that we are helping communities grow as other multifamily projects next door are already nearly 95% occupied.

Westover Hills

Keeping our search for new opportunities in Texas, we have put an eye on Westover Hills, an emerging area in which we already have our Office Complex. We have been looking around and the multifamily next door has also already a 95% occupancy, wich is a great sign of the success we can make here. We believe this project is going to fit perfectly, based on how the areas around were empty not so long ago and today are home for dozens of families.

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