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Novadvice supports the ASBL "infirmiers de rue"

Actualizado: 28 mar

February, 2024

The ASBL "Infirmiers de rue" is recognised for its results and its effective way of working in partnership with the various medico-social players.

"Infirmiers de rue" is a psycho-medico-social organisation that strives to get homeless people off the streets for good, focusing primarily on the most vulnerable. Their approach is based on a tried and tested method, starting with the restoration of hygiene and self-esteem, and the development of talents.

Their work focuses on structural and sustainable solutions:They aim to put homeless people back into housing on a long-term basis by finding or creating accommodation suited to their needs and offering our patients appropriate psycho-medico-social support.

To achieve their mission, they also carry out training, awareness-raising and mobilisation activities for citizens, as well as political, economic and community leaders.

Novadvice has decided to support this ASBL in its work with a financial contribution.

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