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Nearshoring in Mexico: new opportunities for a growing market

The nearshoring is a concept that is getting more and more popular due to the benefits and revenue it can generate to the major world powers making a more efficient and faster production.

Mexico, for its proximity to EEUU and Canada, has turned into a perfect place for this countries to start nearshoring business opportunities. The commercial rivalry that has sharpened the relationship between China and the United States, the war between Russia and Ukraine or all the different sanitary procedures every country has due to Covid-19 have turn the nearshoring into a great solution.

In contrast with the outsourcing, the nearshoring gives companies the opportunity to reduce costs in terms of proximity with the client and the shipping and transport chain for manufacturing companies gets cheaper as the production country is closer.

One of the reasons of choosing Mexico as the perfect place for nearshoring is proximity. But there are also other reasons why this country is being the target for externalizing business and production. The same time zone, new commercial conditions as the UMSCA, skilled workers but lower wages and an emerging and growing Mexican economy are other of the facts that make this country perfect for US and Canadian companies.

In our searching for the best opportunities and growing markets, we have joined Marea, a capital investment firm focused on nearshoring opportunities, supply chain imbalances and longstanding commercial link between Mexico and de United States. This group implements value investing approach and levering on talent and technology. They create value by suppoting management teams, institutionalizing coporate structures and steamlining operations with technology. As the market is in constat growing, they want to achieve superior risk adjusted returns through active investments in North American manufacturing and service companies that benefit from UMSCA.

Joining this great team opens more opportunities for Novadvice in North America, making the network stronger, and the investment options even more interesting.

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