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1. US Residential Real Estate

    US Multifamily Communities

2. US Hospitality Real Estate

    US Hospitality 

3. Europe Real Estate

    Spain & Portugal first and secondary residencies

US Residential Real Estate
US Multifamily Communities

» Invest Capital Management is a real estate investment management fund launched by Novadvice and ICG, which capitalizes on the ownership and operation of recurring income properties in the United States.


» ICM is based in Luxembourg, with offices in Miami, FL, USA.


» An experienced team of professionals with extensive industry and market knowledge at the property, subscription, and management levels.


» A track-record of above-market returns, including a $1 billion investment portfolio and 650,000 square feet of space, as well as dozens of investment funds created and administered from Luxembourg.


» Our goal is to generate consistent growth in investor value through capital preservation, risk management and value creation.


US Hospitality Real Estate
US Hospitality

» US Hospitality Fund buys existing and operating hotels in the US. After an upgrade, they are resold at a capital gain.


» The US Hospitality Fund offers the opportunity to invest in 1,226 rooms in Marriott, Hilton, Wyndham and IHG (InterContinental Group Hotels), all of which are leaders in the hotel business.


» The added value of the programme consists of several steps: acquisition, renovation, improving the efficiency of the management team, staff training, application of technology and consequently, asset appreciation.


» The portfolio consists of 6 hotels located in Orlando, Atlanta, Charlotte and Palm Beach, the Southeast coast of the United States. All are located in high demand areas.


Europe Real Estate 
Spain & Portugal first and secondary resindencies

» Opportunistic investment in real estate assets in a particular "distressed" situation. First and second home real estate assets aimed at Northern European investors (Germany, Netherlands, UK, Belux, Scandinavia).


» The investment philosophy is based on the principles of Value Investment and fundamental analysis, offering maximum attention to risk control and capital protection.


» Geographically, the focus is on major Spanish cities (Madrid and Barcelona) and premium summer areas with strong European demand (Balearic Islands, Catalan coast, Costa del Sol).


» A Belgian SRL has been created to co-invest with international partners in the selected projects. The company is managed by Novadvice Belgium. The co-investors are HNWIs/ UHNWIs from Catalonia, Chile and Belgium.

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